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In our Internet shop you can order the following products:

COOKIES - 2.50 zl per piece (60 g)


Peanut butter

Peanut butter with chocolate chunks

Pb&j: Peanut butter with dried plums



-Shortbread with lemon peels

-"Power Breakfast"

-"Mega Fiber"

-Oatmeal with Polish honey

-Multi-fruit oatmeal

-Cocoa with chocolate chunks

-Peanut butter

Granola- 3,25 zł (100 g)

-Granola "Original"

-Granola "Fruit"

-Granola "Nut"

-Granola "Deluxe"

Terms & Conditions

Fill contact form, alternatively send order to info@harvestfoods.eu,

we will confirm and send wire tranfer information as soon as possible

When ordering specify: name, surname, address (delivery data), flavour and quantity of the order

The maximum realization time: 5 working days

The minimum order: 5 pieces/ one flavour

Shelf life date: around 40 days

Delivery by courier "Siˇdemka", costs 15 pln regardless of the quantity of the order.

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